A Foundation Course in German Starts Me on My Way!

Don’t Know Much about the German I Took – But I’m trying anew!!


So if you have been reading along you are probably thinking this guy doesn’t know much about the German language, Why did He start a webpage? And you know what you’d probably be 100% right. But that’s the point – the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my attempt to learn the German language. Over the years I have noticed that I have a lot more drive and determination to run now than I did back in my youth. If I put the effort into running then that I have over the last 20 years I would have been a hell of a lot better runner!!  It’s the same with German.I didn’t put much effort in learning the language back then, but I do want to put a lot in now!! Now there’s the added benefit that learning a new language provides those who may be a little older!! I am not saying the elderly, because I in no way feel elderly, except at the end of the day after babysitting Oliver all day!!

The book that I started my study of German was a book I bought at a library used book sale titled Foundation Course in German. And while the book is almost as old as me (it has a 1958 copyright) it seems to me to be a pretty interesting and comprehensive book. Each lesson starts with a short passage followed by sections on vocabulary, commentary (rules etc) and exercises. When I started several weeks ago I really couldn’t read the first passage very well, but going back to it and re-reading it today I had no problem understanding everything! So I am learning something, yeah me!!

Lets Learn GermanMany of the vocabulary words have become familiar to me from both this book and the Let’s Learn German Picture Dictionary i checked out of the library. The picture dictionary groups items by locations and type of words. The first location is the classroom hence the familiar words in both books! Yes the dictionary is a child’s book but hey, you can consider children newbies to the language, which is also hat i am!! Anyway, I am going to start both a resource page for the site, listing information about the books and other resources I am using in my studies and a vocabulary page. Creation of the vocabulary pages will give me each practice in writing out the words as I learn new ones as well as providing me a place to review the words!!

So first I hope you will join me in this endeavor and secondly I hope maybe it will either give you so inspiration to try to learn the language, because if this older dog can learn it, I am sure you can. too!